New Heights & Hidden Gems.

Sometimes things may not go as we have planned, and we always hope the next moment, day, month and year is going to be better than the current one. However, what are we doing about it? Nothing changes unless you change something. The same old mindset will not create brand new results. We have to think different to encourage new actions which will produce new outcomes. It’s fear that’s constantly holding us back, but sometimes what we fear the most is the very thing that will set us free.

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A Hidden Gem: Newton Vineyard.


Newton Vineyard is a hidden gem located in St. Helena, CA and it will take your breath away. When my Instagram bestie Soy (@RetroModernSplendor) from New York said she was coming to visit me, I knew I wanted to take her here. Founded in 1977 by Sua (from China) and Peter Hua (from England), Newton Vineyard is one of the most prestigious estates in California’s Napa Valley with an interesting but subtle combination of cultural influences on the property’s several landmarks (you’ll see why later). The terraced mountain estate has less than one-fifth of its total 560 acres planted to vines at elevations ranging up to 1,600 feet above sea level. The non-farmed acreage remains in its native forested state providing natural habitat for indigenous wildlife. The property is definitely a gem, but besides the breathtaking views and the spectacular gardens, this winery itself is extremely unique.

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Carpe Diem.



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Hello Punta Cana, DR.



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You Make My Heart Feel Like It’s Summer.



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Life is better at the beach, isn’t it? I mean, we believe in the philosophy so much that we made it our motto. But it’s more than just the sun, sand and sea that result in the feeling of serenity.

There’s just something about life on the beach next to the ocean air that can soothe, heal and rejuvenate the soul.

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