A puppy lover with an addiction to high heels, poofy skirts, bright colors, old Hollywood glam, Caribbean food and vampire love triangles…

Rainy days & horror flicks are my favorite combination because I am a true romantic. I’m a goof who loves to laugh, so don’t be fool by those serious expressions in my photos. I just don’t know what to do when I’m wearing 5 inch heels, standing in the middle of the street/desert/parking lot/alleyway pretending I’m doing something normal. I believe in life everything happens for a reason; and when you are down to nothing…believe that God is up to something.

I’m a DIY gal who  has a love for making clothes. I started out hand making lingerie (Glamgerie) but my passion quickly shifted towards clothing (particularly skirts, dresses and swimsuits). My clothing line and online boutique KTRcollection was launched in late June 2013 and I quit my corporate job of 8 years in the legal field in September 2015 to pursue KTRcollection full time.

When it comes to fashion, I love mixing colors, patterns, and even decades. My personal style is like a chameleon. Eclectic, vivacious and unpredictable. Whether I’m feeling like a girly girl, vintage vixen or edgy chic, you’ll most likely catch me in a bold color (or two) or some sort of interesting print. I also love mixing vintage accents and silhouettes with a touch of funk and urban femininity. I don’t believe in rules, trends, or what’s in season. I believe in what makes me feel confident and comfortable.

My biggest influences were the women of the 1920s. I love the glitz and glam, but I particularly love what they stood for…freedom. Freedom to dress, freedom to love, and freedom to embrace her femininity…that’s what I hope to portray in everything I wear and created for KTRcollection.

KTRstyle is my creative journal that was started because I work in a field far from my love of fashion. It’s my creative outlet to express and share my personal styles, ideas, inspirations, and everything in between. It’ll always be filled with feminine pieces, girly obsessions, bold colors, delicate accessories, quotes, dreams & inspirations! I hope you enjoyed your visit here. Don’t hesitate  to say hello… xo, KT


  • luc May 8, 2018   Reply

    Nice blog !
    Superb work !

  • Charlotte July 6, 2016   Reply

    You are such an inspiration!! Absolutely love your realness, energy, confidence, & style!

    • KTR July 12, 2016   Reply

      Thank you Charlotte! xx, K

  • Kevin Pickett July 3, 2016   Reply

    Please when will you have new updates on your blog for 3016…love you so much……..


  • Petra February 12, 2016   Reply

    What an amazing blog! Your fashion is… I am trying to find the words. All I know is that I will be getting a custom KTRCollection wardrobe for 2016.

    • KTR February 13, 2016   Reply

      Thank you Petra!

  • Petra February 12, 2016   Reply

    What an amazing blog. Your fashion is … I can’t find the words. All I know I am getting myself a custom KTRCollection wardrobe for 2016. Talk about slay!!

  • Kim September 30, 2015   Reply


    I love your blog and style! Also, could you possibly tell me (or perhaps there’s already a post about it) regarding what camera/lenses/photo editing you do?

    Big fan,


    • KTR October 1, 2015   Reply

      Thanks Kim! We use a Canon D6! :)

  • Erika A. May 25, 2015   Reply


    I really enjoy your site and it has inspired me to want to try sewing my own garments. I wanted to try years ago because I needed a creative outlet as well as have the ability to make clothes that would fit my body perfectly; however, I didn’t know where to start nor did I believe that I could be successful. How did you begin sewing? What is it that peaked your interest? How did you decide on what sewing machine you would purchase? Also, how did you decide what projects you would try first and when you would move on to more advance projects? How did you go about choosing the best kind of fabric for the garments you wanted to create?

    I apologize for all of these questions. I just really need someone advice on where and how to begin, as I would love to make this a hobby and see where I can go from there.

    Thank you so much if you read this. Thank you even if you don’t.

    Erika A.

    • KTR June 9, 2015   Reply

      Hi Erika! Thank you for your kind words! I started sewing when I was around 12 years old. My family didn’t have access to a lot of things and my mom used to shop at 2nd hand stores. I started getting creative with the things she purchased for me and I think that’s where my love for creating things began. My 1st sewing machine was given to me from my mom and when I had enough fund to purchase my own, I just went to a local craft store and bought a basic 1 stitch machine (a good one doesn’t have to cost a lot, you can find a decent sewing machine for about $200). When I decide to make a certain design is because it’s something I really want to wear but can’t find the exact design or style in a certain color/print in stores. So everything I create I’m really passionate about and have worn it for an occasion or special event. As for fabric, when you are starting out, you will quickly discover that certain fabric will not work for certain style…and it’s all trial and error as well. For example, if you want to make a midi skirt with volume, you should look for a medium thick fabric instead of a sheer light chiffon. I hope some of these answers help and I wish you the best of luck in your sewing/design endeavors! Thanks! xx – K

  • Mariah April 9, 2015   Reply

    Hello! just wanted to say that I admire your drive to do what makes you happy and that you have great style! I love your designs (I just never get to buy them because they’re always sold out the moment I see a new one!). I was wondering, did you go to design school? If not you are INCREDIBLE!

    Stay lovely and happy spring!

    Mariah :)

  • Lori Simon February 11, 2015   Reply

    I just foudn you on IG and I love your style, spunk and energy through your photos! Your photos are amazing as well and I love your clothing line especialyl your blue floral dress! I can’t wait to get mine!! :)

  • LaToria November 18, 2014   Reply

    Hi KT,

    I just found your blog about a week ago. I LOVE your style. I love bright colors. You have a great sense of style. Your clothes are unique, that’s what I love about sewing, you can set yourself apart from all the others.

    I just started blogging early this year.


  • Laura November 17, 2014   Reply

    Hi! I sent you an email yesterday, just want to know if you’ve recieved it and if you like the idea! :) you look gorgeous on every outfit by the way!

  • Michelle Sepako August 25, 2014   Reply

    i have been following you on instagram for a while now and i must say you inspire me in many ways… your fashion your passion your work makes me want to grow my self and my ambition into a reality. i hope to be more or so like you one day and while im at it i will keep getting inspiration from you. stay blessed and keep doing that. xo
    Michelle Sepako recently posted…BANDAGE DRESS 101My Profile

  • Michelle August 23, 2014   Reply

    I am utterly inspired by you! I love that you followed your dream and that you’ve turned your passion into the way you make your living! I hope to do the same one day!
    Michelle recently posted…Fashion AdventureMy Profile

  • Abigail Griffin June 6, 2014   Reply

    I just wanted to add to the rest of these praising comments. I love how much of yourself you throw into this blog. The quotes and personal details are so inspiring. Your style is no doubt divine, but the personal touches are what really hit home for me. You seem to be a very beautiful and wise person inside and out – a great role model for those of all ages. I look forward to more of your posts and I can’t wait to be able to purchase from your store!

    xoxo Abigail.

    • KTR June 6, 2014   Reply

      Thank you Abigail! That was very sweet! :)

  • Laurie May 31, 2014   Reply

    Discovered your blog when I googled “carrie bradshaw” and “pink”. What a fun, spirited and playful site! I think your style is fab and you are a natural in front of the camera. Keep doing this … do what you love … you are good at it!

  • Donna May 10, 2014   Reply

    I am interested in the black w/white polka dot midi full skirt and the Damask hi/low full skirt. What is the completion time for both? I need both for the Essence Music Festival 2014,July 4th weekend. I am 6’4 and a 35 waist plus size woman

  • Tamara Walker May 4, 2014   Reply

    How do I order anything if everything is sold out, nice job

    • KTR May 4, 2014   Reply

      Thanks! We are working HARD to get things back in stock but like most stores or online shops, things do get sold out. :) Anyhow, let us know if you have any other questions or anything else we can assist with! Have a good day!

  • Cianni April 22, 2014   Reply

    I initially stumbled upon you on IG and the fact that you were also based in SF made me press the follow button. Your style seems effortless and you know what works with your curves! I love it!
    Cianni recently posted…Pastel PearlsMy Profile

    • KTR April 29, 2014   Reply

      Aww thanks Cianni!

  • Genevieve April 11, 2014   Reply

    Hi KT!
    I absolutely ADORE your style, and clothing line!! As most others have said, you are such an inspiration :) Your blog, website, and instagram is FAB! Love, love, love!
    I have been wondering if a few of your items will be coming back into stock…
    Pattern Play crop top and skirt in smaller sizes
    Color Block Therapy dress
    High Low Bow skirt
    KTR City Lights skirt
    I hope dearly that (at least some of) these things will eventually be available again, they are absolutely darling! I need them in my life/closet! haha ;)
    Thank you <3

  • Sofia March 26, 2014   Reply


    Will Connect the Dots and Damask Skirts be restocked soon? I’ve been looking for them for 2 monts now! Please restock them!!


    • KTR March 26, 2014   Reply

      The Damask skirt is listed at our store http://www.ktrcollection.com but we are not making the connect the dots right now. -K

      • Sofia March 28, 2014   Reply


        I’m trying to contact your customer service because I have a question about my order but it fails and says “Mailbox quota exceeded”.

        Could you help me please?

        Thank you xoxo

        • KTR March 28, 2014  

          Hi Sofia – it should be working now. Can you send us an email again? Thanks! -K

  • Ellie February 14, 2014   Reply

    I just discovered you website and your blog!
    Your style is amazing! Totally love your confidence and it is reflected by your outifts!
    I am a fashion lover but not a fashion victim myself and I am always in search of my personal touch in each outfit I wear!
    Keep up the good work, keep the magic going!!

  • Jamin January 28, 2014   Reply

    Omg! I have to have the sequin skirt, but I’m new to following you on IG and I was too late and you’re all sold out ???? is there any hope that you will put them out for sale again? Pretty please let me know so I can buy one. You dress beautifully!

  • Natasha B November 23, 2013   Reply

    A woman of my own heart. One who doesn’t take fashion so seriously. Bold but sophisticated with a vintage twist. Sewist. You are such a breath of fresh air KTR. You are simply awesome. Stay creative and Fashionably Fabulous dear.
    Natasha B of Fashionably Fabulous
    Natasha B recently posted…Giveaway: Fashion Fab Boutique $150 Swag BagMy Profile

    • KTR March 16, 2014   Reply

      Thank you for the sweet words Natasha! :)

  • Angela October 17, 2013   Reply

    You are absolutely fantastic!!! I am so inspired by you!! Keep up the great work:)

    • KTR November 4, 2013   Reply

      Thank you Angela! :)

  • Sherezada October 15, 2013   Reply

    OMG!!! I totally love your style, clothes, web page, everything… I came across your page, via reference of your new leopard, mixed color top & skirt that was posted on IG… I look forward to becoming a futer customer and wearing some of your awesome pieces. You truly capture the 20’s w/a bit more of sass and edge! Well DONE!!!


    • KTR November 4, 2013   Reply

      Thank you love! Glad you like the site/photos and clothes! :)

  • hair loss causes September 20, 2013   Reply

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  • Britnee September 4, 2013   Reply

    Im 16 1/2 years old and im totally inspired by you! I can look at your blog all day if i had the time. Sometimes I will wake up in morning trying to figure out what to wear then I go “What will KT Reed wear!” I hope you will forever continue your blog and keep inspiring others.

    • KTR October 14, 2013   Reply

      Gosh this is so sweet! Thank you so much Britnee!!! :)

  • Rina July 5, 2013   Reply

    OMG i never thought i would have tell it to a woman but I think IM IN LOVE WITH YOU!!!! LMAO, you are just FAB, love EVERY single thing about your style, you rock, truly inspiring!!! Thank you!!!

    • Jamila August 12, 2013   Reply

      LMAO I was thinking the same exact thing! I wanna dress like you i would do anything! lol

    • KTR September 27, 2013   Reply

      Lol, thanks you so much!! xoxo

  • Anastasia March 2, 2013   Reply

    You just always look fantastic … I love your bold choices in clothing … It’s loud but classy at the same time.
    I just entered the tulle giveaway and I think the pick skirt is made to be rocked. All my love x

  • Sushmita Mishra March 1, 2013   Reply

    You are an inspiration!!! I love all your ideas and your art is one of the ways that brigs people together. Thank you so much! About the giveaway I like the pink one the most because it reminds me of purity and love. Good luck for the future!

  • Monica February 22, 2013   Reply

    I love love love your blog!


  • Jaz February 7, 2013   Reply

    I have been following you in Instagram for some time and realized how much I love your style… I have never been able to design but maybe getting behind the sowing machine I won’t be too terrible… I entered your valentines day contest and I hope I win. But beside that I wanted to know if you take orders for special events

  • Johana Atrizco February 1, 2013   Reply

    I’m so glad I stumbled upon you on Instagram!
    You are such a sweetie pie I can just feel the vibe through your words :)
    Any who much love, you’re a doll

  • Tamara January 18, 2013   Reply

    Absolutely adore your style! You’ve inspired me and (well almost all) my friends with those sequin skirts. We LOVE it!!!! I find myself constantly checking your blog to see what inspiration we’ll find next. Today….you caused me to buy a pair of fabulous metallic cap-toe pumps. thanks KTR! Is there a link to your instagram?

    • KTR January 18, 2013   Reply

      Awww thank you so much Tamara (and everyone below)! I really appreciate your kind words and support. The metallic cap toe pumps sounds really cute. Also, my link to my instagram is http://instagram.com/officialktr. Have a great weekend!

  • Monica January 3, 2013   Reply

    I stubled across your blog and wanted to let you know how amazing it is. I am so afraid of color and you have pull off every color and pattern so beautifully. Kudos to you. Also, when reading your bio I also “…believe in life everything happens for a reason, and when you are down to nothing ….believe that God is up to something.” Truth!!!! Anyhow, good luck to you. Good luck on your career. I will be watching and taking notes. thanks!!!!

  • Elise January 3, 2013   Reply

    i absolutely love your style & discovered your blog today {through tPf}. your green sequin shorts & white shirt is my favorite outfit!

  • krystal December 24, 2012   Reply

    I am so happy to have stumble across your instagram page and so excited to have read your bloggs. Your style is amazing , very girlie is what I love the most. I can’t wait to see what you post next.

  • Michelle December 10, 2012   Reply

    How tall are you? I love love love your blue high low skirt! I am very petite (5ft) I need it in my life soon! ?

  • Marissa December 8, 2012   Reply

    You are fabulous! Most fashion blogs can be so pretentious, but you are a breath of fresh air! Love your skirts and need to order one!

  • Valencia December 7, 2012   Reply

    i am always coming back to your site whenever i need a pick me up. it’s like a breath of fresh air every time i read the quotes that you put up or see your fashion pics. whenever i’m having one of those low body image days, or need a confidence boost…… i think i mentioned before that i absolutely love the quotes that you post. they are so appropriate. you’re an inspiration to women. thank you for sharing your blog with us. hugs and smiles and God bless you.

  • mia November 30, 2012   Reply

    i never saw a blog so great by now! i must say i really loved every post, thats huge, keep on doing what you love, I know exactly what you are talking about…great great GREAT WORK!!!

  • Lisa tupo October 23, 2012   Reply

    Omg I love your shorts super dope! My friend told me to check your site and I’m loving what I see :) xoxo

  • Esther July 8, 2012   Reply

    Love the outfit and your bio! “when you are down to nothing ….believe that God is up to something.” That is truth!



  • Red Tag Chic Los Angeles June 26, 2012   Reply

    You really cracked me up KT with this ” I just don’t know what to do when I’m wearing 5 inch heels, standing in the middle of the street/desert/parking lot/alley way pretending I’m doing normal stuff.”….cuz that’s also how I exactly feel when doing a photo shoot. I’m really a laughing person / smiler so I can never do a model-ish Victoria Beckham pose…hahaha.


  • kristin June 24, 2012   Reply

    I love your sequin shorts!!!!! I just need a pair! Are you taking orders ? lol

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