The Beauty of Kow


When I first saw the fabric of this skirt, I was immediately drawn to the velvety soft black splatter spots on the whitest of whites polyester and decided to give in and turned it into another one of my obsessions: those puffy pleated skirts. But I had conflicting feelings on whether the prints were splattered ink or well, cow spots, so I took it to my friends via Instagram for help. I must admit, the names Moo-Cow, Moo-Moo, Cow-wow Pow and Got Milk were pretty hilarious and quite catchy. As though I need to trade in my high heels for cowboy boots and stand next to a haystack….Inkblots and black clouds were also some my favorites but someone mentioned Kow and I love the “K,” so Kow Skirt is it! Thank you for helping me guys! :)



inkblots6[Photos by NR]

Top: DVF | Skirt: KTRcollection ink blots skirt | Shoes: Classiques Entier pumps | Glasses: Dior cat eye

* * *

Now for the exciting announcement! The winner of my One Year Anniversary Skirt Giveaway is: Clarissa J. I’ll send you an email to get all deets soon. Congrats!!!

Thanks so much everyone for participating in my giveaway. I love having the opportunity to interact with you, read your comments/feedback and knowing that you like what I’ve created so far. I hope to have more of these giveaways in the future and include the new things I’m working on. Have a safe and wonderful Friday and weekend coming up! New Year’s Eve is just right around the corner. I’m a spoiled California weather kinda gal bracing the NYC cold right now. Hopefully I’ll make it through new year without losing my toes or ears. Happy weekend! :)

xo, KTR