Fab Finds: Asymmetrical Necklace

I’ve seen asymmetrical tops, dresses, skirts, shorts, but an asymmetrical necklace is quite refreshing and unique. Not to mention the sweet price of $25 is a total steal from Mijourne! But how would you wear this? Hmmm. Let’s see what we can come up with…

1. Basic On Shoulder Body Suit, on sale $8 at ASOS
2. Ribbed One Shoulder Dress, $22 from Forever21
3. Sample 1333 Dress, $69 from Modcloth
4. Josh Body Shirred One Shoulder Body-Conscious Dress, on sale $64 at ASOS
5. Samesies Dress, $47 from Modcloth
6. River Island Slinky One Shoulder Dress , on sale $37 at ASOS

If you like this necklace to stand out, try pairing it with a top/dress that’s a solid color. One-shoulder (or strapless) designs goes well with this necklace because it has a place to lay on your bare shoulder. I haven’t tried it on with different styles but would be curious how it would look, can’t wait to try it out!…Thoughts?