Life’s A Beach

I saw the above quote on instagram and in a Carrie Bradshaw kind of moment, “I couldn’t help but wonder,” why are we always expected to be so normal?

Consciously or unconsciously, there is this perfect fictionalized version of ourselves that we try to live up to…The truth of the matter is no one is perfect (even my idol J.Lo has flaws!), but what makes a person perfectly beautiful is the attitude they possess (and I know I definitely could work on mine! :). I think we are all different and our imperfections are actually what makes us unique and thus beautiful…sniff, a day at the beach always make me feel warm and fuzzy inside, lol.

(and tumbling down I go)

[Photos by NR]

Dress: Forever 21 hi low floral dress (different print here) | Swim: H&M top, American Apparel high waisted brief | Accessories: Image LA headpiece with removed rhinestones (can also purchase here), bracelets – Kate Spade, Rachel Roy, Forever 21


Hanging out at the beach always bring out the kid in me. It’s a place of healing and happiness. I love when the sun embraces me in its warmth and the sound of the ocean feels like therapy to my heart. It kind of feels like I’m on an island far, far away from the hectic world with not a worry in sight. That’s when I get to be totally dorky, weird and at my most abnormal self…and it feels freakin’ great! Wouldn’t it be nice if life is really a beach and we never have to pretend we are normal? :)

Hope you’re having a wonderful day! xo