Confessions of a Blogger: The Not So Pretty Truth

The street style blogs — which started out capturing people in their OOTD at their natural moments has evolved over the years and turned into catalog-esque photos and the editorial section out of a fashion magazine. From the stylish Chriselle of The Chriselle Factor inspirational street style to the dreamy vacation escapes of Tuula Vintage…or just take one look at my girl crush blogger Nicole of Gary Pepper and you’ll know what I mean…Sure, everyone loves a blog with beautiful images. I know I do…but sometimes it’s nice (and hilarious) to reflect back to those not so perfect (and real ugly) moments to remind ourselves that behind the makeup, hair, clothes and seemingly picture perfect images, we’re just normal folks. :)

So here it is, the not so pretty truth behind my blog photos.

* * *



 The Tug-Of-War Confession

My clothes are not always flowing and draping perfectly. Nope. I’m always adjusting my top, pants, skirt and pulling my thong out of my butt (sorry, that’s totally TMI) in 75% of my photos. Luckily my husband/photographer takes loads of images for me to choose from, otherwise my blog would be full of these shots! Yikes!


The I Don’t Always Wear Heels Confession

No, I do not go grocery shopping in high heels. No, I do not walk my dog in high heels. And hell no I do not run errands on weekends or pick up “fresh blooms” from the farmer’s market in high heels. I do however wear high heels everyday to work but I’m sitting down at my desk 90% of the day. Which means my heels are usually off.



The Perfect Twirl Confession

Whenever I “twirl,” I’m usually spinning around so much that I’ll start sweating and my face would turn red…the people on the streets are usually starring at me like I’m nuts and my husband was probably pissed that he captured 186 photos just for me to pick 1 or 2 images that I like.



The Paparazzi Caught Me Walking Confession

You know that walking shot, the one where we look like we’re just walking around, minding our own business and BAM, a guy with a DSLR popped out and took a photo of us walking nonchalantly? Well that photographer is usually my husband, friend or co-worker. I think I walked back and forth on this block approximately 16 times that day and almost walked into a tree. #Don’tJudgeMe.


The Not So Graceful Confession

You’ve seen those “serious” images. The ones where I’m standing in the middle of nowhere in 5 inch heels with a very serious expression on my face as if I’m planning the next steps to help aid world hunger. Nah, I’m just thinking about how not to fall or trip and what to eat for lunch.


 The I Think I’m a Model But I’m Not a Model Confession

I don’t have many words for these beginning blogger shots except “Lord help me,” “Why?!@?” and “This is what usually happens when you let your husband pose you…”

* * *

I can’t speak for all and what others do behind the scenes, but I can tell you this. As silly as things can look, it does take effort to create beautiful, fun and creative images for our readers!

It’s been fun and I hope you guys enjoyed these little snippets of what goes on behind my blog photos. Now I’m going to go chew Nate out for taking creep shots of me picking out my wedgies.

If you have a blog, I love to hear your experiences!  Have a beautiful day guys…and please no sharing. :)

xo, KTR