The “Husband Jeans” + DIY Tutorial


If you love having the option of choosing your own color, design and like to save some cash, DIY’ing is a good option… It’s super easy to do in a few simple steps and you’ll only need 4 things to create this look (no sandpapers or tedious tweezing needed, just cut, throw ’em in the washer and finish off in the dryer!).







husbandjeans13[Photos by NR]

Top: American Apparel crop top | Bottoms: DIY distressed Vintage denims (contact me if you’d like to purchase a custom pair) | Shoes: Aldo silver cap toe pumps | Fedora: H&M | Bag: Rebecca Minkoff studded bag | Accessories: Knuckle wire rings thanks to The Hatters, onyx 14k gold ring (similar for less here), Alexis Bittar ‘Miss Havisham New Wave’ Cuff, Cara leather wrap bracelet, 

* * *

Growing up, I watch my mom struggled to take care of my 3 brothers and myself as a single mom who moved to the US without knowing a lick of English other than “hi” and “thank you,” but she managed to raised us well and do everything herself. Perhaps I got this quality from her, seeing life as a do-it-yourself project…..or maybe I just hate spending $150+ on a pair of jeans that’s destroyed.

I love the BF because they seem so comfortable but it was always difficult finding a pair to fit my body. Usually they are way too tight to be boyfriend jeans or way too baggy. Then I realized those mom jeans that I turned into distressed high waisted shorts last year would make the perfect Boyfriend jeans (pre-cut). Since these were originally high waisted mom jeans with a little diy twist, I’d like to call these “The Husband Jeans.”


Head to your local thrift store and look for a pair of “mom jeans.” Mom jeans are usually high waisted and have a really long zipper. Don’t worry if the overall fit is not perfect. As long as it fits your waist and hips, it’ll work! Also, don’t forget to check the men’s section as sometimes you’ll find these pants in the smaller men sizes there.


What you’ll Need

1) Vintage or thrifted mom jeans: Price varies from $5- $30 depending on the store

2) Pre-owned denims for measuring: Your mom jeans may be too long. To trim them, you’ll want to align the inseam and trim the bottoms off (see photo above). Make sure the jeans you are using for measuring are ones you typically wear with the hem rolled up because you’ll want the length of the mom jeans to be long enough for rolling up the raw bottoms when you are finish.

3) A pair of sharp scissors ($6 from Joanns)

4) Measuring tape ($1 from Joanns): Measure the top of your mom jeans to your knees and mark those two areas (this is where you will start cutting your slits).


2) Now it’s time for creating that lovely distressed look. Fold your jeans in half (see photo above) and use your scissors to create parallel lines. I like to start at the knee and work my way around. Create 3-4 or 4-6 slits in each area leaving about 1 inch between each line. Turn your jeans over and do the same for the other leg. After you’re finish, throw them in the washer.

Tip: Try not to make your slits too long or else it will end up creating a big hole in the washer. Turn them inside out and wash them in warm water and dry on regular heat. The washer is where all the fraying will start and the heat from the dryer is where it will create that distressed look.



3) After it’s dried, clean around the edges by trimming off the frays that are too long. You don’t have to do this unless you want a clean distressed look.

* I hope you enjoyed this quick tutorial. I haven’t had a chance to take photos of the white jeans above but the jeans I’m wearing in this outfit post are the the first pair in the original photo where I was holding the scissors. I’ll do an outfit post for the white ones soon so you can see how those turned out!

If you decide to make some, let me know how it turned out!! xo