The Green Leopard







-Photos by NR-

Dress: KTRcollection Green Leopard Dress | Shoes: Kate Spade metallic pumps | Bag: Chanel | Glasses: Tom Ford cateyes

* * *

A girl can never have too much leopard print in her life…and what’s even better is when the leopard is a color! I’ve always been a little addicted to animal prints but leopard print has always been my favorite. Why? Well, besides the obvious sexy and wild charm of the leopard, this print just has a personality of it’s own. It’s confident, independent, sassy and a go-getter. When I’m wearing leopard print, I’m instantly in a different mood. It’s almost like the caffeine of fashion…a pick-me-up. :)

What about you… What are your thoughts on leopard?

xo, KTR