[Photos by NR]

Top: H&M Chambray skirt | Bottom: ASOS brushstroke pencil skirt (old: cute ones here and here)| Bag: Marc Jacobs Crosby Sutton | Glasses: Dior cat eye sunglasses | Necklace: F21 | Shoes: Classiques Entier Riley pumps

* * *

Sometimes I find myself buying things and never end up wearing it. This poor little skirt for example has been sitting in the bottom of my shopping bag for half a year and I almost felt guilty when I saw her laying there looking a little pissed off (yes clothes has feelings too). The funny thing is I stalked it for months on ASOS for it to come back in stock.

In my most convincing Carrie Bradshaw voice, sometimes I can’t help but wonder, do we shop just to shop? Do we really wear everything we buy and how much money do we actually waste on clothes and accessories that we don’t wear?

Anyway, happy Wednesday loves! I’m heading off to New York today when all the NYFW craze is dying down even though NY is still the city that never sleeps, NYFW or not. I’ll be there to celebrate my friend’s last days as a single woman, attend Couture Fashion Week, visit old friends, meet new ones and you guess it, shop! :)