Banana Republic: “What Moves Us Emotionally and Physically?”


What moves us? What inspires us? What drives us to get out of bed every day to go do what we’re doing? For me, inspiration is everywhere – from seeing the beautiful pictures in magazines to reading the words of my favorite poet on social media… To watching the guy at Balboa Park who creates beautiful artwork and to hearing the lady who sings her heart out at the train station every day. To the young man getting up to let an elder person have a seat, to the child happily eating an ice cream without a worry in the world and to the stranger that smiled and said to have a good day. To feeling knocked down and knowing everything will eventually pass, and that everything will eventually fall into place. To waking up every morning knowing someone out there loves me and to just feeling alive!

So when Banana Republic invited me to join their campaign again and asked “What Moves Us” both emotionally & physically, I wanted to share what moves me everyday.

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