Closet Inspirations

The last week of September consisted of packing, packing, more packing and now unpacking… I was told that this was the time to “throw away” unneeded things, but the truth is I need everything! It took two weeks to get everything in boxes and it turned out we totally underestimated how much crap we I have. Oh well. Off to the new place, larger and more spacious. Which only means one thing. I can buy more more more!! An uncluttered living! :)

The most exciting part of moving for me was, well, the closet space of course! Here are some pretty sweet closets that I’m using for inspiration. Some of these belong to celebs, others just fabulous homeowners.  Enjoy!

This is my favorite!

Paris Hilton


Kimora Lee Simmons

Khloe Kardashian’s shoe closet


Which one is your favorite?