Go With The Flow







gowiththeflow8[Photos by NR]

Top: Forever 21 crochet top (same here) | Bottoms: Bebe pleated maxi skirt (same here) | Shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti | Glasses: Roberto Cavalli | Bag: Louis Vuitton | Earrings: c/o 2 Hello Beautiful | Lips: Mac “Girl About Town”

* * *

Whenever I wear maxi skirts I feel so effortlessly feminine. I love the ethereal vibe of these long skirts, especially the ones that are lightweight and has an easy, breezy flow. However, what I love most are the endless styling options! Maxi skirts can be paired with crop tops (my favorite of course), chambrays, knits, blouses, tees, leather/denim jackets or blazers, you name it! Best of all, sandals, boots and flats all looks great with maxis. What can I say, it’s just a universal item that goes well with everything. :)

Below are a few of my past maxi looks. It’s obviously I love maxis. Which one is your favorite?



NYE In NYC Photo Diary

nycdec2012_2Top: Zara plaid shirt, Free People crop vegan leather jacket | Bottom: 7FAM skinnies | Shoes: Stuart Weitzman | Bag: Marc Jacobs Crosby Sutton | Hat: H&M | Glasses: Celine

I must admit that living in California most of my life has made me extremely spoiled when it comes to the weather. On the coldest days in San Francisco has nothing on New York during the winter months. But despite the freezing temperature, the rain, the snow, despite the fast pace and huslin’ + buslin’ your way through the crowds there’s still something very warm and fuzzy about NY that keeps people coming back year after year and season after season. Despite not being able to feel my nose and toes on some days and wearing layers and layers of clothes, I had a terrific time in the big city. I was able to see good friends and family again, eat delicious food, shop the small boutiques and share every moment with the love of my life.

Loving Him is Red

Red is such a bold and iconic color and with certainty, it is my favorite color to wear. Putting on a red dress makes me feel instantly confident, energetic and happy.

[Photos by NR]

Top: Forever 21 crop turtleneck (similar-ish here) | Bottom: Bebe pleated maxi skirt (similar here) | Shoes: Zara | Glasses: Dior cat eye | Bracelets: Kate Spade, Chain wrap , Love (similar here) | Ring: heart cable ring thanks to Olive+Piper

* * *

Although maxi skirts were a summer favorite, I’m definitely still in love with the floor-grazing look this fall. The easiest way to transition a maxi from summer to fall is by choosing patterns rooted in darker hues and adding layers such as a fitted jacket, scarf or sweater. Since our October weather is still sort of warm, I wore a crop top for day and added a light denim jacket for evening. I’m loving this easy breezy, fun, casual-glam look and I’m looking forward to more maxi fall outfits.

What’s your fall maxi style and do you have any suggestions on footwear with maxis?

Fire and Ice

[Photos by NR]

Top: Marciano | Bottom: Bebe red maxi skirt | Shoes: Colin Stuart (old; similar here)

* * *

It’s 2am and I have been starring at the screen for the last 20 minutes, writing nonsense, deleting and rewriting the same nonsense. I realized I have talked about this subject many times before: color blocking, maxi skirts, oh look at how this skirt is flowing in the air and the sun is seeping through creating that warm hint of glow from that ray of golden hour delight. Do you ever get writer’s block? Anyhow, the crimson red color of this skirt is pretty darn amazing.

In other boring news, we’ve finally narrowed down the models for the KSW fashion show (thanks to the lovely ladies of Kearny Street Workshop) and I learned/realized a few things about myself over the weekend: 1) I’m such a low talker, 2) my lack of patience is a mean son of a gun and 3) I drive like a senior citizen. Thank you NR for pointing these out. I’ll work on it but I can’t guarantee the driving will improve.

Happy Monday loves. I hope you had a wonderful and productive weekend! xo

Petite Fashion Challenge #14: Holiday Travel Emergency

I’m excited to participate in yet another fun fashion challenge! This month Petite Fashion Challenge #14 (PFC) is hosted by Couture Coco. Check out her blog to see the list of other participants.

The Scenario: I have “formal” dinner plans the same evening I arrived into town. Upon arrival, I was told that my luggage will be delayed until the next day. All the running around left me no time to stop by any stores to pick up a dress.

The Challenge: I need to style my travel outfit into a special evening look using whatever I carried in my purse and anything else immediately at hand! Yikes!!

Thanks a lot AA!

On my last trip, I wore this really old but super comfy Marciano teal maxi dress with flats (we went to the airport last night to recreate this look lol)… My travel outfits are typically combined with a hat, small carry-on, my handbag, a scarf, jacket, a good read and my beloved pet pillow Kathanael.

Lucky for me, I always carry on my makeup, hair brush, a pair of heels and my jewelries.

In case of emergency situations like these, all I have to do is brush my hair, apply makeup, add accessories and get a little creative with what I had on hand…  This challenge definitely prove that making something work at the last minute is totally doable if you are just a little prepared.

Dress: Marciano tube maxi (old) (similar here)
Denim Jacket: Bebe
Sandals: Dolce Vita Archer Flats / Heels: Christian Louboutin Very Noeud
Purse: Louis Vuitton Trevi PM
Scarf: H&M
Hat: Juicy Couture Fedora

Thank you Couture Coco for such a fun challenge!

For those who doesn’t know what PFC is, it’s a Fashion Challenge hosted by a different style blogger every month… You don’t need a blog to join in on the fun, just send a message to the future host for instructions prior to the  scheduled date. You can also stop by Alterations Needed Forum to see past challenges and check out upcoming ones!

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