A Knitted Story

I have been a bit obsessed with shoes lately. I mean, I have always love shoes but lately it just gotten really troublesome. Perhaps it’s a new season with all the new inventories tempting me everywhere I turn  or the additional shoe space tempting me to add more. Whatever it is, these Ivanka babes with its velvety soft suede, metallic shine and adjustable front crisscross straps was a pair I know will get a ton of love.

[Photos by NR]

Top: Bar III knitted asymmetrical sweater (similar here) | Bottom: TopShop gold knit skirt | Shoes: Ivanka Trump strappy pumps | Glasses: Giorgio Armani | Necklace: F21 | Bracelets: Michael Kors and Carolee Lux

* * *

I live in the San Francisco bay area and if you ever visit this place you’d know the weather is a bit bi-polar. It can be hot one day in one city and cold in another. Therefore, I have learned to adapt to the unpredictable weather with the use of my trusted cozy knitted friend. The sweater. Whether it is over-sized, tight, long or cropped, it keeps me cozy enough for the cooler nights yet isn’t too thick for the warmer days. Of course, I also love a good sweater that I can throw on over anything.

Speaking of weather,  my heart goes out to everyone who has been affected by the devastation of Hurricane Sandy. I cannot imagine how terrifying everything  must be and I just want you to know you are in my thoughts and prayers.

While the storm has passed, there are still millions without electricity, food, water and shelter. Please watch out for our neighbors as well as older people and single parents with young children who might need help and please, please don’t abandon your pets.

The Pinkest Pink

[Photos by NR]

Top: Bar iii white lace top (similar here) | Bottom: KTRcollection | Shoes: Valentino Rockmance leather pumps | Necklace: Forever 21 pearl necklace | Bracelets: Kate Spade, Carolee Lux

* * *

As you can probably guess, I’m a huge fan of all things girly… Pink, check. Pearls, check. Bows, check. Lace, check. Fun, feminine skirts, double checks! I made a similar skirt in green about a month ago, and as if it’s not girly enough, I’ve added more pleats and doubled up the bow. It seems like this love affair is not going to fade anytime soon.

Gosh is it Friday yet? The long awaited 3-day weekend is finally near. Do you have any fun plans? Also I know NYFW is right around the corner and I’m excited to go back to NY. I’ll be there for part of fashion week and to celebrate my girl’s last days as a single lady and where else is best to do that than in NY. The things to do are endless, the people are beautiful, the diversity in cuisine is amazing, and of course we can’t leave out the shopping. If you have the sudden urge to shuffle through clothes at the wee hours in the morning, Forever 21 closes at 2AM. :)

High On Love…Life…and Sugar

[Photos by NR]

Top: Bar III beaded detail top (worn backwards) | Bottom: Zara high waist white shorts (similar here) | Shoes: Colin Stuart (old; similar here) | Bracelets: Michael Kors Collections link chain pave bracelet (similar here and here) | Sunglasses: Lumete Vedrina

* * *

Self imprisonment for 3 days can make you do a lot of impulsive things…Over indulged on candy, lots of it, and go on a sugar high, buy loads of food from Costco because we like to eat in large quantities, and wear my top backwards. I guess the latter is my favorite because it’s obvious the details were meant to be in the front.

I have been busy trying to finalize all the new pieces for KTRcollection for the Kearny Street Workshop (KSW) fashion show on September 8th that I have kind of neglected my home. The house has been a total disaster and the fridge looked like it belong to a single college man. My rule is no matter how obsessed I am with a project, taking care of home should always be a first priority. So it was about that time for a quick break to recharge, restock and refresh, plus a good 8 hour of sleep was so needed! I can’t wait to share what I made with you soon! :)

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and your Monday is off to a great one! xo

The Aries Girl

The month of April has come and gone but when I put on this outfit for date night this past Saturday, I can’t help but think of an Aries Girl… Red signified confidence and strength while leopard is fun and vivacious. The spikes on the plated belt, well that’s just dangerous! Raaarrr!

I don’t really follow daily horoscopes or will let astrology foretell my future, but sometimes reading astrology profiles kind of freak me out because it can be so right on. Some of my all time favorite astrology descriptions are from Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs…Below is the Aries Girl.

“The Aries girl will open her own doors. She’ll also put on her own coat, fight her own battles, pull out her own chair, hail her taxi without any masculine help. Doing it herself is, to her, the fastest way to get it done. People will tell you an Aries woman is completely masculine, but don’t you believe them. She’s all woman underneath her flashing, forceful exterior, perhaps too much women for the average man. But, of course, a knight in shining armor isn’t an average man.

The Aries girl will help you find your lost illusions and she’ll have a fierce faith in all your dreams. You don’t have any? Borrow some of hers. She has plenty to spare. If you can turn the ram into a lamb, you’ll have a woman who is honest and passionate, loyal and exciting-though she may be a little impulsive, bossy and independent. Well, you can’t have everything, you know. If you believe in her just half as much as she believes in you, you could make some miracles together…”

Have you checked out your sign here? I’m curious to know if it’s accurate for you…

[Photos by NR]

Top: Colours Sanctuary | Bottom: Bar III body-con pencil skirt | Shoes: Christian Louboutin Filo leopard pumps | Necklace: Link chain necklace (similar here) | Bracelets: Michael Kors Rhinestone Embellished Ridged, Kate Spade beverly boulevard, Ali Khan beaded cord bracelet | Belt: ASOS spike belt | Sunglasses: Tom Ford Nikita cat eyes

* * *

I have been looking for a pair of Louboutin leopard print pumps for over a year and could never find the perfect classic and versatile pair that’s not sold out. As soon as these Filo pumps were released, I quickly ordered them. Don’t be fool by the heel height on the NM website, it’s totally comfortable and the 1 inch platform provides added comfort. If you’re interested in the fit, it runs pretty true to size but like all new shoes it’s slightly snugged in the toes which I’m sure will stretch after a few wear. But for these babies, I’ll trot in them until my toes fall off! :)

Happy Monday lovelies and thank you for stopping by! xo

Neon Glow

Just when I thought neon hues can’t get any brighter, I saw this Sparkle and Fade pleated skirt glowing from the little corner at Urban Outfitters. It also comes in tangerine and blue which are also very pretty (and a lot brighter in person than it’s displayed online).

My 5 sad little macaroons were left after I divulged the other half of the box

[Photos by NR]
Top: Bar III white sweater (similar-ish here)
Bottom: Urban Outfitters “Sparkle and Fade” neon pleated mini skirt
Purse: Milly Kelsey satchel
Shoes: Colin Stuart ankle strap sandals
Accessories: Bracelets – Spikes from eBay, Bar III neon bangles.

I was going for a casual laid back look so I paired this fun skirt with an over-sized comfy sweater from Bar III, but I kind of fail in the casual department when I threw on my favorite pair of nude heels…Although I love a cute pair of comfy flats, I just can’t seem to resist the call of high heels. Even though they can be very painful, it’s something about them that makes me feel so feminine, confident, and sexy. It also doesn’t hurt to add a few more inches to my height!

Ladies, are you addicted to heels and how does it make you feel when you wear them?