The Perfect Fit: Clothes and Relationships






I really respect brands that carry a variety of sizes. ASOS for example carries regular sizes as well as sizes for the ladies with Curves and sizes for the Petite ladies! Everyone’s body is unique and I appreciate the options so I can find the perfect fit.

Tip: for a backless dress like this, I normally like to wear my sticky bra cups from NuBra. These bras comes in sizes A, B and C. I prefer the cloth over the silicon ones because it’s lightweight and stays attached, the silicon stickies can be heavy and uncomfortable. If you’re a D cup or bigger, I recommend these backless bras  with under-wire from Nordstrom for the extra support.

theperfectfit4{Photos by NR}

Dress: Bodycon PETITE exclusive dress c/o ASOS (size UK 4)| Bag: Valentino | Shoes: Steven Madden ReaLuv sandals | Rings: Double Band rings (similar here)| Glasses: Dior cat eye

* * *

I met someone over the weekend when I was in New York that had me really intrigued. Candice, an overwhelmingly sweet and innocent girl who just moved to the big apple. A new town filled with strangers to start a temporarily new life in hope of searching for a “new version” of herself…or at least that’s what she was told to do by someone who loves her.

Candice and I spoke for hours like we have known each other for years. After I told her I have a personal style blog that I would like to shift into lifestyle-meets-fashion, she insisted that I share her story. I was a little hesitant at first but maybe, just maybe others’ stories who’s unbiased can help empowered and lift her spirit and maybe help her in some way. That’s all I’m hoping for. Here goes…

Candice was laid off a little under a year ago and has not been having much luck finding a new job. She has a successful boyfriend name Richard who she’s been with for 4 years (living together for 2) and has plans on buying a new home together. Recently Richard decided to move to LA to focus on his career with a new business partner without first talking to Candice. When Candice found out, she thought she was going to come to LA as well. However, Richard insisted that she should move to New York so that she can independently grow as a person and thus become a “better girlfriend” and “future wife.” While Candice thought the idea was a bit irrational, she thinks that NY may be good for her to grow as a person so she agreed, with hopes that Richard will eventually come to NY to be with her.

To Candice’s surprise, Richard has no intentions on moving to NY and insisted that she move back to their current city of residence after a year or so. You see, after she told me her story, I wanted to automatically assumed Richard was a dick (pun-intended), but I know not all relationships are black and white, so maybe he deserve the benefit of doubt.

I understand that people grow and evolve throughout life. Sometimes we change enough where the relationships we have are outgrown or simply do not fit into the vision of our future. Like the dress that once fit us so perfectly, our relationships sometimes become “too small” or “out of style.” Just like a valuable relationship, should we throw out a beloved dress or find a way to make it work? Could this be Richard’s way of making their relationship work? Or is he actually throwing away a valuable thing without even realizing it?

I know not all relationship are the same and we can’t always judge something by the cover, but after digesting this issue some more and really trying to give Richard the benefit of doubt, I can’t help but feel like Richard is trying to mode and changed Candice into someone she’s not. Maybe I’m just a hopeless romantic, but I like to believe that my love accepts me for me, flaws and all, and want to grow, learn and become better individuals together.

Do you think Richard is making a mistake by letting Candice go or is he genuinely trying to help hers & his relationship?

{For identity protection, all names has been change}

The Midi Skirt







themidi9[Photos by NR]

Top: Forever 21 “Lover Not Fighter” sweater | Bottoms: ASOS pencil skirt (similar here) | Shoes: Steven Madden ReaLuv sandals | Bag: B Brian Atwood metallic bag | Hat: H&M | Glasses: Tom Ford | Necklace: Aqua initial pendent

* * *

I used to be a bit wary about wearing midi skirts because I was told it will make me look stumpy but in the last several years I can’t get enough of them.

Tip: Make sure your skirt is high-waisted and paired with heels.

I think mid-length skirts are universally flattering that instantly evoke a retro vibe and a stylish element that can be classy, funky, or dramatic. Don’t get me wrong, I love showing my legs with the mini, but there’s a quiet sex appeal with the mid length that’s so much more alluring when less skin is shown.I know it’s a style that’s not for all. I’m curious what you think about the midi and why you prefer not to wear it..?

Denim in Distressed








denimindistressed6[Photos by NR]

Top: ASOS crop top | Bottoms: DIY distressed vintage shorts (coming soon to KTRcollection online store)| Jacket: Free People | Shoes: Valentino Rockstuds pumps | Bag: Rebecca Minkoff | Glasses: Dior cat eye

* * *

I love my short shorts denim cut offs but sometimes it’s great to just kick back in loose fitting over-sized shorts. What’s awesome about these is they are loose and comfy yet sits snug on your waist. It’s so easy to throw on and run errands in or just lounge around the house. The best thing is I can put on a pair of heels and call it a night out!

I actually made these shorts for my booth at the SJ Jazz festival where I was a vendor (reviews and my opinion on that soon :)… Have you ever tried making something with the intention of selling but ended up keeping about 5-6-7-8 of them? Yeah, that’s kind of what happened here…But a girl can’t never have enough denim cut offs right?

Jungle Fever







junglefever7[Photos by NR]

Top: Victoria’s Secret (old, similar here) | Bottoms: ASOS high waisted floral swim | Hat: Forever 21 straw hat | Glasses: Dior cat eye | Bracelets: Marc by Marc Jacobs ID bracelet, DIY rhinestone bracelets

* * *

Some of my favorite things to do when the weather heats up is head to the beach, so I’m always on the lookout for new swim suits. I love my itty bitty little bikini bottoms but for a while now I am obsessed with the retro inspired looked of these high waisted bikini bottoms. This trend oozes glamour and is fabulous for curvy shapes or for enhancing those of with less. Here are a few of my faves!

What do you think about high waisted swim bottoms?


1)  Python print 2) Floral 3) Leopard 4) Strappy sides 5) Polka Dots 6) Heart 7) Laced-up 8) Side Cutouts

Summer Daisies





summerdaise6[Photos by NR]

Dress: KTRcollection Summer Daisies dress | belt: similar here

* * *

I’m all about making a statement and the print and vibrant colors of this dress definitely does the trick. To spice up this girly little number, I added a sexy plunging neckline cut just right so it still leaves a bit of mystery. Since the bright colors and bold prints makes a statement on their own, I wanted to keep jewelry minimal by adding only a little gold belt to break up the print and giving my waist a shape. I don’t want to be bias but she’s definitely one of my favorite dresses this summer! :)

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