Bows & Things









-Photos by NR-

Top: Adrianna Papell vest, BMLA “Nothing To Wear” tee (similar here) | Bottom: Topshop white mini skirt | Shoes: Aminah Abdul Jillil pink bow pumps | Bag: Marc Jacobs bag | Glasss: Dior cat eyes

* * *

These shoes may look pretty sweet in photos but I have to be honest — they are NOT made for walking, just STANDING, and standing in one place only. And be warned, you’re going to get a lot of stares from folks, not because you’re a fabulous fashionista-blogger extraordinaire, but because you’ll most likely be walking like you had 10 lbs weights on each foot while you trip on absolutely nothing on the ground. Lol. Maybe it’s just me and my obnoxious stubborn wide feet, but I wanted to die after 20 minutes that I begged Nate to please carry me back to the car. High high heels has never really been an issue but the extra material of the bows made these beauties really heavy and difficult to walk in.

If you’re going somewhere where you’ll only be sitting and you have someone who will carry you around at a snap of your fingers, then you’ll be just fine! :) I still love them and do hope to break them in…one day… Hope you had a fantastic weekend!

xo, K