Rock n’ Prints

Everytime I decide I’m tired of this skirt and want to sell it, I’ll put it on and fall in love with it all over again. The last time I wore it (here) was with a basic black corset top, but this time I decided to go a little bold and mixed the busy printed slim fitting skirt with an equally busy leopard printed bustier.

If it was 5 years or so ago, I wouldn’t be caught dead “not” matching like this, but I’m so glad that fashion has pushed me to go beyond my comfort zone. Nowadays I can’t live without a moment of mix matching colors and prints (well I can, but you know what I mean). When it comes to mixing prints, I’ll typically stick to two patterns at a time. If I decide to mix a 3rd or 4th print, it’ll be minimal such as a thin waist belt or a small clutch.

[Photos by NR]

Top: Victoria’s Secret leopard print busier | Bottom: ASOS alphabet pencil skirt (old; similar-ish here and here) | Jacket: Free People vegan leather jacket | Necklace: monogram necklace from dad | Glasses: Giorgio Armani

* * *

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