Preview: KTRcollection

My favorite garden

[Photos by NR & I]

Dress: KTRcollection | Headpiece: F21 | Gloves: ebay

* * *

Just a quick hello to show you a preview of KTRcollection which will be on stage at KSW Runway this Saturday, September 8th! I have been locked in the house for the past 2.5 weeks (which felt like eternity) to perfect my designs and they are finally finish! Whew! It’s such a relief to be done, but I know this is only the beginning. My mom told me a long time ago in order to be successful in life, I’ll need to dedicate myself 200% and make a lot of sacrifices. Thank goodness for supportive parents, true friends and of course my wonderful husband who takes my photos and puts up with the madness of what we called home lately (sniff, sniff :). Ok, enough of my whining!

For more details on the show, please visit and if you’re in the SF Bay Area, tickets can be purchased HERE. Hope to see you guys at the show! Kisses!