Love in Arizona.


Wow, how time flies. It’s hard to believe it’s been 2 months since I took the leap of faith and quit my corporate job of 8 years to pursue my love of making clothes (read about that HERE). Leading up to the day, I felt happy, anxious and excited to start a new chapter…but the morning after my last day, all of those other emotions that I held close to my chest came rushing out. I sat down on the chair that I would sit on every night to work, and cried.

It was bitter sweet and I was more emotional about it than I thought. My husband, Nate has been my rock. So supportive and comforting, he suggested that we get away from the hustle and bustle for a bit to unwind and get back in touch with our inner selves. We have never been to Arizona so we thought it would be the perfect place to visit.



As we arrived at our hotel, The Boulders Resort & Spa in Carefree, AZ, I thought we were in another country. Good job Nate! The Boulders is rated as a 5 star resort with 2 golf courses on 1,300 acres tucked away in the Sonoran Desert foothills just outside of Scottsdale. Each room is set up like a condo that features wood-burning fireplaces, high vaulted ceilings and natural stone showers, a little makeup counter all to myself and a walk-in closet! I loved the privacy that each room offers and the space was immaculate and spacious! In fact it’s so spacious that in order to get around, we had to call concierge to pick us up each time. Someone usually arrived within 5 minutes and in 90+ degrees weather, we didn’t mind the lift. However, what we loved the most about this hotel was the exceptional service. We had a bit of an issue with our wi-fi and had to switch room the 1st day, but the whole process was seamless thanks to the manager’s outstanding customer service.





Attempted my dessert goddess pose, but instead I was sweating major bullets.


{View from our balcony}


Dress: Missguided crochet trim skater dress




{Dress: KTRcollection}




{Our 2 hour drive to beautiful Sedona in search of vortexes}

In addition to being a beautiful and serene place, Sedona, AZ is well known as a spiritual power center, housing some of the most beautiful vortex sites in the world. A vortex is a place, usually on or near an interesting rock formation, where people have reported feeling inspired by a beneficial source of energy.  It’s believed that the energy from these vortexes saturates the whole area in and around Sedona and can be noticed in a subtle but general way anywhere around town. If you actually go to one of the vortex sites, which is where the energy is strongest, it can be a very uplifting experience. I’ve also heard that the energy you take in at one of these energy centers can stay with you and affect you positively for days afterwards. Hmmm…

Nate was skeptical that some rocks can emanate positive energy and thought it was a sham (lol), but of course I had to see for myself. After doing some due diligence, we decided to take the trail towards Devil’s bridge…because if we don’t experience any super power energy, at least we’ll capture some awesome photos on the infamous steep & narrow bridge. :)



The start of our hike towards Devil’s bridge.


Found our first mini vortex! Do we feel any energy yet? Hmmm…




Not sure if this was a vortex or just a big red rock, but it was cool getting underneath to catch a break from the 95 degrees heat.


Found these beauties along the way. Hi Nate! He doesn’t like photos of himself. :)



Almost to the top, of course we had to stop to take cheesy kissy photos :).



We made it to Devil’s bridge. Holy cow, what a view (and a long way down, p.s. it’s not really as narrow as it looks.)!



Did we feel any whirlpool of energy? I’m not sure, but I did feel a million times more relaxed, happy and content with everything. I’m sure a huge part of that was thanks to my companion and this beautiful surrounding. I mean, look at this view! Either way, Sedona is one of the most stunning places to visit and definitely worth a trip just to enjoy the beautiful scenery.



Thank you for stopping by! That’s it for our trip to Arizona, but stay tuned for more on our Hawaii travels coming up soon! Have a great rest of the week!

xx, K & N