DIY: Tassel Sandals


I’m a little late to the tassel shoe game (ok, very late), but better late than never…? I have been eyeing a few tassel fringe sandals for some time now, but wasn’t compelled enough to splurge on such a trendy style. The next best alternative was to DIY them, of course! I found some old sandals in my closet that I hardly wear and decided it’s time to refurbish and put them to good use! This DIY was so fun and really quite easy to customize. I forgot how therapeutic it was to DIY little things like this. :)



  1. A pair of sandals with removable ankle straps.
  2. 3 1/2 or 4 yards of 3/8″ twisted silk cord: The ones I purchased were from Joann’s Fabric and is about $2.99 per yard. The length per cord for each sandal was 58″ but you can customized it depending on how many times you’d like to wrap the cords around your ankles.
  3. 4 trim tassels: The ones I purchased were from Joann’s and is $2.99 for a set of 2.
  4. Metal beads or any kind of beads of your choice that can fit through the top loop of the tassels.
  5. Needle and matching thread.
  6. A pair of scissors (not shown).


Step 1: Loop a few of the gold beads onto the top of each tassel and tie the end loop in a knot to secure the beads.

Step 2: After cutting the cords into two (mine was 58″ for each cord), loop the end of the cord into the tassel’s loop.


Step 3 and 4: Secure the end of the cord with a thread and needle by sewing it together. rap the thread around the cord tightly until the thread covers all of the loose cord.


Step 5: Finally, secure the thread by sewing the ends. Repeat this step for all four ends of the 2 cords.


Don’t have the time or energy for a DIY and prefer to just purchase a pair? Here are some of my fave! :)