The Accessories: Ankle Socks

Ever think something is cute yet you’re afraid to wear it because you’re not sure how? Well you’re not alone! I have been eyeing this look for some time now and this adorable trend keeps sneaking up on me! A few years ago, I saw it on the runway at a Christian Dior show and now I’m starting to see them again. From Marchesa to Dolce and Gabbana and everywhere in between, socks of lace, color, and glitz are the new it accessory.

Here are some tips on how to wear this style and not let it wear you:

For a subtler look, grab a pair of socks to match your heels. Black on black works best especially for the fall/winter. In the spring and summer, light color socks contrasting with your heels are also fab & spontaneous and an attention grabber! Lace, fishnet, and anything sheer are guaranteed to work. Try to avoid socks that are too loose and/or thick.

Ankle socks looks best with pumps or booties (preferably pumps) and try to stir clear of wearing them with open toe sandals to avoid the “I want to wear heels but my toes are cold” look. Remember, you want to look trendy. :)

The most important part is to be confident, love the look and have fun with it! It’s unique and trust me before the end of the night, you will have a ton of compliments! xoxo

What’s your take? Would you wear this style?

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